Dear armwrestling friends,

Our work and efforts fighting against doping have finally paid off.


The WADA Acredited Laboratory confirmed the results of the doping control analysis performed on 39 urine samples that were collected in the period 22.05.2014-24.05.2014, during the European Champoionship 2014 in Baku-Azerbaijan. The samples were received at the Laboratory in good condition and sealed properly. Analysis Reports: 1087_1

"Be Proud, Be Clean, Be Drug Free"

EAF General Secretary

Mircea Simionescu-Simicel



Croatian International Cup SOKOL MARIC

Croatian International Cup by David Shead

Croatian International Cup SOKOL MARIC is held in Zagreb a modern city but with a long and interesting history that we all had a nice incite to on a city tour with a guide to help us find out about some of its history.

The competition was on a specially constructed stage designed so spectators could see from all 4 sides, and for good reason as it attracted about 700 spectators.

Their where 15 countries taking part so we ran the competition on 3 tables, the competitors where of all levels, some very novice others world champions, in the heats some of the newer wrestlers did surprise the more experienced but at the top it was more predictable, it was a pleasure to watch Franco Comperli win his class with some exhalent displays' of wrestling.

One other point to note were the wrestlers from Kazakstan who not only took several of the top places but it was agreed by the referees that they did not make many mistakes, almost never making fouls, I believe they may be the best trained team in the world, working like machines with their precision.

Watch out for them at the world championships. Overall it was a friendly but competitive competition that all seemed to enjoy.

It is very depressing news that Ueli Burhler who took part in this competition both as a competitor and Referee sadly died few days later. Our thoughts are with his family at this tragic time.


David Shead EAF Assistant Director of Referees


36th World Armwrestling Championship

36th World Armwrestling Championship

14th - 21st of September 2014


More info soon.